Amreen Khan: Setting Benchmarks in Biomaterials Science at IIT Bombay

We are thrilled to celebrate the continued achievements of one of IIT Bombay’s brightest minds, Amreen Khan, who has recently been honoured with the 2024 Student Award for Outstanding Research from the Society For Biomaterials. This prestigious accolade is awarded to graduate students or PhD candidates who demonstrate exceptional accomplishments in the field of biomaterials research.

Amreen’s latest recognition stems from her groundbreaking work under the supervision of Prof. Rohit Shrivastava, Prof. Jayesh Bellare, and Dr. Mayuri Gandhi. Her acclaimed manuscript, which contributed to her winning this award, was published in the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research and highlights her innovative approach to nanomedicine and drug delivery systems.

The award council commended Amreen for her expertise and contributions across multiple facets of biomaterials science, including nanomedicine formulation, nanoparticle synthesis, and the development of drug delivery devices. Her work is not only at the frontier of academic research but also paves the way for significant clinical and therapeutic advancements.

For those new to Amreen’s journey or those following her evolving career, this is not the first time her work has gained notable recognition. We’ve proudly featured Amreen twice before in our newsletter. In her previous features, we highlighted her participation at the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting and her selection for Universcience’s “Young Scientific Talents Week: Sports and Science.” Readers interested in her past accolades can click here and here to read the full articles.

Amreen’s remarkable scholarly journey at IIT Bombay underscores the symbiotic relationship between a nurturing academic environment and the realization of groundbreaking scientific achievements. As she prepares to receive her award at the upcoming World Biomaterials Congress, with travel support from SFB, the IIT Bombay community looks forward to celebrating many more of her accomplishments.

Please join us in extending hearty congratulations to Amreen. Her unwavering dedication and remarkable contributions to the field of biomaterials continue to elevate IIT Bombay’s legacy as a leader in pioneering research.