Vision and Priorities:

• To create a network that fosters/enables strong bonds between our alumni, our current students, and the Institute.
• To update alumni about events and activities.
• To inform and involve alumni about research and innovation projects carried by the Institute.


How to Donate

There are multiple ways for our alumni to donate to IITB. Click “Learn More” to find how you can make a valuable contribution to your alma mater.

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Contributions made towards IIT Bombay Heritage Foundation are tax-exempted from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The Foundation is regulated under the Non-profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes in the USA and authorized under the Federal Classification level of 170(b)(1)(A)(vi).

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How To Become
A Member

  • Anyone who has completed one academic year as a student at IIT Bombay is eligible for life membership.
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Alumni Benefits

By becoming members of the Alumni Association, alumni can utilise the many benefits that come with it.IIT Bombay Alumni Association offers Alumni Career and Networking Services to its alums in the following categories:
Life-long Learning
Just because you have graduated from IITB does not mean that your quest towards learning has ended. By being a member of IITBAA you can enjoy lectures, participate in discussion sessions and attend on-campus conferences conducted by eminent alumni, current and emeriti faculty. These interactions will stoke your curiosity even as it gives you the opportunity to network with industry experts and eminent personalities.
Chapter Events
There are thriving city chapters of IITBAA that organize events both in India and abroad. Interacting with your fellow alums in these events will give you the chance to renew old friendships and network with industry leaders.

Other Benefits

Access to the online alumni directory
Free email account and forwarding service
50% concession if you wish to stay at IITB’s Guest House
Access to IITB’s library and concession in membership charges to the library, swimming pool and other gymkhana facilities.