Prof. Subhash Khot
B.Tech., 1999, Computer Science and Engineering

Prof. Subhash Khot is a faculty member in the Computer Science Department, part of the Courtesan Institute for Mathematical Science, at New York University. Previously he held appointments at Georgia Institute of Technology and University of Chicago. He has made several contributions to computational complexity – a study of the power and the limitation of computing and the efficient approximation of optimization problems. Prof. Khot’s work has led to new results in algorithmic design and approximation harness and to new interactions between computational complexity, analysis and geometry.

Prof. Khot did his B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1999. He received his Doctorate in Computer Science from Princeton University in 2003. Prof. Khot is a proud recipient of the coveted ‘Rolf Nevanlinna Prize 2014’ by the International Mathematical Union; Young Alumni Achiever Award in 2011, from IIT Bombay; and the Alan T. Waterman Award, one of the most prestigious award by the National Science Foundation, in 2010. During his college days, Prof. Khot was a two-time International Olympiad Silver Medalist. He infact, stood first in the IIT-JEE 1995 as well.

Prof. Khot is a voracious reader and enjoys reading about diverse topics in science, history, economics, politics, philosophy and religion.