Mr. Shailesh Ramkumar Gandhi
(B.Tech., Civil Engg., 1969)

Mr. Shailesh Gandhi obtained his B.Tech. degree in Civil Engineering from 1IT-Bombay in the year 1969 and is also the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award in the year 2001.

Mr. Gandhi was an entrepreneur and the Chairman & Managing Director of Clear Plastics Limited till last year when he sold his company to concentrate on social activities. His main claim to fame is his distinguished vocation’ in vigorous voluntary public service. He is one of the prime movers behind the establishment of the Right to Information Act. He continues to be a crusader for transparency and integrity in all public matters.

Mr. Gandhi was associated with IITB Alumni Association (IITBAA), in its early stages, as Chairman, Board of Directors. He gave shape to the polices that guide IITBAA even today.