Kicha Ganapathy
B.Tech., Electrical Engineering, 1967

Mr. S. Kicha Ganapathy is currently the President, ColorEyeQ Inc. After earning his B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay, Mr. Ganapathy received his M.Tech. in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur in 1969, and his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University in 1975.

While he has a lot of pleasant memories of his alma mater and finds it difficult to single out any single one, he does remember one incident clearly. He says, “I remember going to Y Point with friends and ordering some gulab jamuns. The chokra there accidentally threw some of the rolls on the floor while trying to toss them into the hot oil. He just picked them up, as if nothing happened, and threw them back in hot oil. We were dumbfounded but were told that any dirt would have been burnt off anyway etc. I mention this because no one I met in this country (America) believes that it is true. But then, they did not grow up in India.”

His hobbies include walking, watching sports (including the Finger Wrestling Championship from Bulgaria), and being a standup comedian whenever the mood
warrants him to do so amongst friends who can let their hair down and laugh at themselves. He adds, “We are not good at that, unlike the Australians who are at the other extreme.”