Dr. Yogen Kantilal Dalal
B.Tech., Electrical Engineering, 1972

Dr. Yogen Dalal obtained his B.Tech. degree from the Dept. of Electrical Engineering (IITB) in the year 1972 and completed his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Stanford.

Dr. Yogen Dalal’s successful entrepreneurial and operating experience coupled with leading – edge engineering expertise makes him enormously valuable as a venture capitalist and as a leader of Mayfield. He brings his broad talents to a wide range of primarily early – stage investments in the enterprise software and infrastructure arenas.

He is currently on the boards of B eVocal, Entrepreneurs Foundation, Narus, Nuasis, Outerbay, Packet Design, PacketHop, Perfect Commerce, Podbridge, PostX, and Revenue Science. Some of Yogen Dalal’s past portfolio company successes include Arbor Software, Vantive, Nuance, BroadVision, Tibco and Packet Engines.

Prior to joining Mayfield, Yogen was a founding member of two successful startups, Claris Corporation and Metaphor Computer Systems. In recognition of his insight and proven successes, Yogen was selected by Forbes Magazine as one of the Midas Top 100 Technology Professionals. He was also a member of the original Star and Ethernet development teams at Xerox and a co-developer of the TCP/IP protocols while at Stanford University.

Yogen is a member of the board of Entrepreneurs Foundation. He also serves on the board of Theatre Works, a nationally acclaimed professional theater that explores both the unique heritages and shared experiences of the culturally diverse Northern California community.