Dr. Manthiram Natarajan
M.Tech., Mech. Engg. 1970

Mr. Natarajan did his B.Tech. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras and M.Tech. in Mechanical Engineering with specialization in Engineering Design from IIT Bombay. In 1975 he obtained a M.Sc. Degree in Military Vehicle Technology from RMCS, UK.

Mr. Natarajan joined the Defence Research & Development Organization in 1970 and worked for over 30 years on several important project assignments relating to the design and development of tracked vehicles before took over as Scientific Adviser to Raksha Mantri in August 2004, He has been associated with MBT-Arjun programme since its inception. He took over the overall responsibility of development of MBT Arjun in the capacity of Programme Director in 1987. He assumed charge as Director of the CVRDE in December 1989, The continued hard work and innovative design approach and dedication of the highest order exhibited by Mr. Natarajan and his team for over two decades resulted in the emergence of an indigenous state-of-the-art Main Battle Tank Arjun and self propelled gun system BHIM for our armed forces.

Mr. Natarajan has served in the capacity of CCR&D (ACE) at DRDO HQ looking after Armaments, Combat Vehicles and Engineering equipment from July 2000. During this period, he ensured acceptance of Pinaka MBRLS, developed by ARDE, by Army through exhaustive feld tests.

Mr. Natarajan has many awards and distinctions to his credit, which include the Best Scientist Award for the year 1994 by DRDO; the Rolling Silicon Award by DRDO in 1995 for Best System Laboratory CVRDE; National Design Award in 1996 for outstanding professional excellence by the Institution of Engineers (India); Distinguished Scientist in DRDO from March 1999; Fellow of Indian National Academy of Engg. from December 2001; Padam Shri in 2003; Technology Leadership Award for 2003 by DRDO for his contributions to the design and development of combat vehicles and Mechanical Systems for LCA. He has also received. the award of Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Madras in Dec 2003.